Authorities came for the warning of the possible installation of an explosive and what they found was a corpse

On Friday morning, a macabre act of violence was discovered in the vicinity of the National Vote sector, in the center of the Colombian capital, where the authorities were alerted by the community, after a package that they feared was an explosive was abandoned in the area.

On the RCN Radio station, they reported that the alert was given because there are fears among the inhabitants of the city that a terrorist attack such as the one that occurred recently in the CAI of Arborizadora Alta, in the town of Ciudad Bolívar, south of Bogotá, will occur again, which resulted in the death of two children and more than 30 injured.

In the face of the emergency, anti-explosive experts from the Technical Investigation Corps (CTI) of the Attorney General’s Office arrived at the scene, who were responsible for verifying the package that had been left under some garbage cans exactly on 12th street with carrera 16, as reported in the television news report Noticias RCN.

Initially, to rule out that it had content that would detonate, they sent a robot and gave a new review, which confirmed that it was not a danger to the agents carrying out the verification.

But when they checked it manually, they got the macabre surprise that it was the lifeless body of a person, according to what they consulted in the newspaper El Espectador in the CTI.

“The threat of explosive device was ruled out, but a lifeless body was found on the spot, the CTI cadaver inspection laboratory carries out a survey,” one of the investigators told that media outlet.

Police also indicated in that newspaper that the body was in black bags, which in turn were kept in a sack. The victim, they also reported in El Espectador, had signs of torture and was tied up.

Meanwhile, in RCN News they pointed out that for this fact the investigations were initiated and that the body is in Legal Medicine to carry out the respective forensic analyzes.

Prohibition of barbecue on motorcycle

Precisely, in the face of the wave of insecurity that hit Bogotá last Thursday, March 31, Mayor Claudia López announced a package of measures including the ban on motorcycle barbecue.

The president of the country’s capital announced that the transport of barbecue grills by motorcycle is restricted every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, between 7:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m. The measure will take effect from April 11, as indicated. This measure would apply without distinction as to gender.

The mayor also announced that in conjunction with the Ministry of Labour, operations and sealings will be carried out to constituted nightclubs that act as trade union organizations that provide services other than those authorized or violate the rules of the Code of Coexistence.

It was also established that all public night establishments must be linked to a care network and/or security front. In the event of a dispute in which the establishment has had any responsibility, the sanctions established in the Code of Security and Citizen Coexistence shall be applied, until the temporary suspension of its economic activity.

Likewise, from 10:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. in parks, environmental corridors and urban squares, only people will be allowed to transit. “Group stays in these spaces will not be allowed, only the transit of people,” said the mayor. In these spaces, the consumption of liquor, music or excessive noise, among other behaviors contrary to coexistence, is prohibited.


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